Primary Cambridge School Jakarta: The Appropriate Curricula To Employ


Primary International school Indonesia has been familiar with the Cambridge curriculum. That is why many schools are trying to be the best in the field. In Jakarta itself, the name of Global Sevilla international school Cambridge school Jakarta is quite popular. It is due to the use of two different curricula. What are they, and what they offer? Here are the details.


Cambridge Primary Checkpoint


The Cambridge primary checkpoint is specifically designed as the assessment guideline at the end of the primary school year. As for the assessment curriculum, the main idea of the program is to understand the progress and the students’ performance during the whole primary level years. At the same time, the assessment also means to help students prepare for higher education.

Another reason why the Cambridge checkpoint is used rather than the national one is to get an external international standard. It also works as a benchmark. At the same time, the learner that undergoes the curriculum and the assessment will get proper test feedback and statement from Cambridge. It envelops language, science, and mathematical subjects in it.


IPC Or International Primary Curriculum

The Cambridge school Jakarta may use the checkpoint as the benchmark. But to create a complete curriculum, the global Sevilla school also employs IPC. The international primary curriculum is designed by Fieldwork Education. The said curriculum has been acknowledged by many schools and teachers across the world for its effectiveness.

IPC envelop all of the primary learning by providing a child-friendly and modern approach. What makes IPC stand out and chosen is the creative, comprehensive, and thematic aspect. Designed for 3-12 years old students, the teachers have a wider chance to modify or assimilate local aspects inside the programs. It is because IPC is easy to use and flexible.

The thematic aspect comes hand in hand with the national or regular curriculum. That is why the school can implement some local pieces of pieces and fuse them with IPC programs. The IPC also provides clear and specific learning goals for each subject. That is why the Cambridge school Jakarta in Global Sevilla can provide international standards, personal learning, and depth education for students.

The two curricula are chosen with reason. The underlying aim is to provide an adequate and appropriate program for the children. During that age, students love to be active and learn. That is why the school uses inquiry-based active learning that is also supported with both Cambridge primary and IPC. The combination also offers immersive studies.

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